About Us

WinLi Technology Sdn Bhd established since November 2009.  With our technical expertise and commitment in providing quality of services to our customers, we are granted with the Distributorship authorization by  world leading professional manufacturer in Educational Training System and Solution, Test and Measurement Instruments and PCB Fabrication Solution.

Our Scope of Business

–          Project Planning

–          Technical Consultation

–          Skill Training & Maintenance

–          School System, Course and Curriculum Development

–          Supply, Commissioning, Installation and Testing of Laboratory Equipment

–          Train the Instructors and Trainers

Our Products

–          K&H Educational Training System and Solution

–          fayalab Arduino compatible board, Brick and Electronics

–          TENMARS Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Environment Tester, Solar Tester

–          R&S HAMEG Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Spectrum Analyser, Power Supply etc.

–          Designsoft TINA Design Suite Schematic Diagram and PCB Layout

–          Everprecision Tech PCB Prototyping Engraving, Milling, Driiling Machine

–          PCB Fabrication Equipments and Maintenance Services

–          Laboratory Workbench, Heavy Duty Workbench and Laboratory Furniture

–          Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical Tools and Accessories